Bucket Elevators

Bucket Elevators

Bucket Elevators from Meyer are the standard for reliable, sanitary bucket conveying. Our present lines offer this same benefit but have been refined and enhanced over decades of experience to offer state-of-the-art bucket elevator technology.

They are designed to gently transport a wide variety of products, both horizontally and vertically, without transfer points. Capable of handling most dry, granular, free flowing products, these machines also work well with many non-free flowing products.

The features of our latest series make them ideally suited for the most demanding applications.

We’ve been designing and building buckets for over 60 years. We’ve had experience with so many different applications it’s hard to provide a complete list. The result is that Meyer knows bucket elevators, and we know how to apply the technology to meet your application requirements.

Belt type Bucket Elevator

The Bucket Elevators are fully automated with safety switches and instruments that support their applications of height upto 75 mtr. Available as bucket chain type elevator and belt type bucket elevator (nylon & steel chord) elevators, these are highly suitable for conveying materials like cement, iron ore, bauxite, wheat straw, fly ash and many others.These elevators are also classified on the basis of discharge options viz, centrifugal type for high speed operations, continuous type for fragile materials and positive type for minimum breakage and spillage. There are also available different casing options with this elevator such as double leg casing and single led casing.

Chain type Bucket Elevator

The bucket elevator casings are self supporting, but they require horizontal guides at least every 15 meters and below the elevator head. The bucket elevator head comprises a lower section with doors to access the adjustable discharge plate, and braced bearing mountings, for the pedestal bearings which support the drive shaft, the shaft exit points use grease filled radial shaft seals.Drawing Chain type bucket elevators The upper sections comprise a multipart removable hood with an inspection flap. A drive platform is mounted on the side of the lower part of the head for supporting a wide variety of commercially available drives.

If required a maintenance platform and or an overhead support/ service beam can be fitted if required. An elevator drive normally consists of a geared motor unit, which is normally connected to a frequency controller for maintenance purposes.

For higher power requirements, we recommend a drive unit with a bevel spur gearbox, and standard motor optionally with auxiliary drive. Starting characteristics can be optimized by a hydraulic clutch or an electric soft start.

The double or single leg casing is torsionally rigid sheet metal housing, constructed of standard section lengths with flange connectors. The maintenance and assembly door position should preferably be located in the elevators raising casing leg, approximately 0.8 m above a platform.